Behind The Time To Write (The Long Version)


it took me almost 20 years

of hearing "how talented of a writer" i was (trust me, this isn't a sob story) and how i "need to be doing this for a living", to start entertaining the idea - whatever this was.

the only “this” i had come to know was favors for friends and employers in the form of writing important emails, putting nice touches on things like resumes and performance reviews, double-checking ads and marketing content to make sure they “sounded good” and made sense, formatting training materials, making sure reports flowed well and were free of errors, endlessly helping translate the words out of their minds and onto paper when they couldn't communicate their own messages.

i was an on-call editor (pro bono of course) and even less reputably, a walking thesaurus. if i had a nickel for every "what's a better word for ______ ?” i'd be retired.

i am beyond blessed and truly thankful to have such positive reinforcers in my life. but compliments and favors only get you so far.

making something out of these experiences and affirmation was up to me.

i had to figure out exactly what it was that i was "good" at. i had to uncover where this said talent filled a gap in the market. and more importantly, i needed to strategize a way to use my skills not only to provide for myself and my family, but to do something meaningful and enjoyable - or else it would never work. and this is how the time to write was born.

“and this is how the time to write was born.”

i just said it out loud one day. i told my husband, probably in a weird cryptic tone and 100% out of context (which he hates), "this is the time to write." he was kind enough to ask what i meant and i told him i didn't exactly know (no shock on his behalf), but i was being compelled to write something. anything.

i was finally ready to do what i'd been hearing for years i was meant to do. i had his unwavering support in that moment, and have had - and relied upon - it every second since.

but there was still so much unknown.

i had clarity in the calling, but the rest was blurry. maybe it was simply starting a blog, or maybe it was writing a book...


it wasn't either of those.

at least not at that time. it was to write a business plan. a plan that would allow me to do what i love, help other individuals and entrepreneurs in areas where they may struggle, and all the while break free of my corporate grind that was keeping me away from my babies for 11 hours a day.

so i bought a domain. i researched owning a business. i spent months (still working at my corporate marketing job) figuring out how to make this work. and it did. slowly but surely, with countless hours of freelancing late into the night to assure myself the need was out there.

so here we are.

i’m writing a note as the creator, founder, and main contributor of my own business. it's unnerving and scary to lay it all on the line; to be the name and face behind a brand. but i believe in what we do. i believe in myself. i believe it is the time to write.



Rebecca Backer