Take A Peek: 5 Tactics We Use & How They Help Grow Your Business

here is a brief look at some key services we provide and how using them will make your life easier - and your content better!

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we ensure your message (whatever it is you need to say) is being clearly and effectively communicated. it’s far too uncommon these days to be straightforward and executing precision throughout your content will help you shine over competitors.

research shows that people abandon reading very quickly when they feel lost or confused. don’t give your audience a reason to jump ship.


we have specially trained eyes that detect typos, syntax and grammatical errors, and word usage mistakes so that you don’t tarnish your reputation by missing the small stuff. how is anyone supposed to trust your product when you don’t have the right version of “your” or even worse, don’t have the time to double check your work.

while some say these errors are trivial, we know all too well how they can create doubt in the minds of consumers and damage credibility for a business. even we hire editors!

seo & visibility.

we help you choose the right words and the right placement to maximize digital reach without compromising your creative control and brand voice.

you’ll see your pages climb the ratings on google and as a result get more traffic from your ideal viewers. which means more conversions. yay!

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branding & style.

brand voice, you say? maybe you haven’t found yours yet and you struggle with maintaining consistency and style. we can help with this too.

we’ll establish a tone and style that’s uniquely you and true to your brand. any content you publish should speak only in your brand voice. your audience will notice this consistency and pick up on your message more clearly.

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your personal editing genie.

all you have to do is rub the lamp. we have packages that commission “on call” assistance for those adrenaline-rush, job-on-the-line, emergency situations where you’d give anything to have a professional editor in your back pocket.

this service can also come in handy to help lift brain fog, offer you a second pair of eyes when yours are tired and overlooking mistakes, or simply when the creative juices aren’t flowing and you need a unaffiliated bouncing board at a moment’s notice. don’t risk a misfire. let us take a look for you.

Rebecca Backer