from our creator,

Rebecca Backer.


to all friends, acquaintances, and strangers. i'm beyond happy you've journeyed this far into tttw and very humbled that you care to know a bit about this company and how it all started.

here’s the short version.

i love being a storyteller.


writing is fun for me. i’ve been told (not only by my parents) that i have a talent and should be sharing it with the world. so here i am - sharing my writing - hopefully in a manner that is unique and useful.

it seems that a lot of people are not great writers and hate doing it. so that's where i (along with my diverse & dedicated team) come in  -

essentially just helping people write authentic, understandable content so their businesses can be seen, and thrive.

i learned from years in a corporate marketing job how awkward and rigid some of this content creating business can be, especially when it involves multiple collaborations, third parties, conflicting opinions, and battles for control. i’ve also worked with solo-preneurs and small businesses who go nowhere near agencies, and they seem to have just as many struggles producing (or even getting help producing) original and engaging content.

this surprised me because content marketing is everywhere these days. it’s become an essential practice for any brand to be seen in today's digital market. i knew there had to be a more comfortable, hospitable, and effective way to deliver on this need. and that’s how this all came in to being.

this my business - the time to write - and we are accessible for anyone and everyone who could use a little content assistance.

we are just a quick email away from lightening your load if you need it.

interested in the extended version? a more detailed backstory is on the blog.


thank you again for visiting our space & i look forward to meeting you all!